Friday, October 1, 2010

Musical Wonders!!!!

Hey all,

Sorry for the lull this past week but Uni has been cuh-razy!

Anyways, I just wanted to write a quick post regarding something that could quite possibly be amazing:

Lollapalooza 2011.

Now, many people, including myself, are of the opinion that the Lolla line-up has been steadily declining in quality these past 5 years or so. That is to say, every year a worse line-up is announced.

But fear not!!!

This next Lolla is Lolla's 20th anniversary! Perry Farrel and his organizers are planning on making this a HUGE festival [once again in Chicago], and are asking for people's opinions on who should headline!

Well, it's my opinion that they need more HIP-HOP [hip hop people, not rap,] but that's just my opinion.

Go to the Lolla website and let the good people there know who you want to headline!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wow it's been a while.

January 2007. Damn. Over three years ago. Too much has changed since then.

You know, it's funny. Looking back on anything you did in the past, be it a month, or years ago, is always entertaining, and most certainly quite embarrassing. So as I opened up the old blog, and took a look see over what my 17 year old self wrote on night in January, I wasn't really quite embarrassed, sure my writing wasn't on point, and my vocabulary certainly was scant, but it wasn't really that bad.

I think we should all look back on our past selves, our young, certainly dilettantish selves, pre-occupied with perhaps radical ideologies, or intoxication.

Perhaps you've developed an abstemious personality, realizing your thirst for inebriation was ridiculous, fueled by your adolescent need to disobey the authority that didn't allow you to drink, smoke, and copulate.

Or perhaps you've developed a more realistic personal philosophical and political ideology. Perhaps you hopped onto the Democrat/Republican bandwagon, perhaps you have your own view, or perhaps you realized that you really play no role in the political powerhouse and fraud that is the political world.

Either way, go back, read some stupid essay or personal paper you wrote way back when. Have a good laugh, maybe even blush a little. But remember that hindsight is 20/20 for a reason: So you can look back and fix yourself.

Friday, January 5, 2007

The story continues.

A continuation of the previous post.

Remember that, that no one can change society, just as no one can change time. Realize that the only thing that we can do is to refuse to spread society, by refusing to produce even more slaves to "them," who will inevitably fall once there are no more servants. Don't wait for the Last Hour to come. Create the Last Hour.

Short Story

My fictiony-nonfictiony story. So it goes.

Roaming the streets of the world, i search for an escape. From what? From it all. Dont want drugs, they just increase the chaos, addint to what i want to escape from. I guess i just want to escape from the society that has left me decrepit and poor. I want to escape that which has made me realize that we, as humans in this society, are merely pandering to those who control us. But we cannot let "them" control us. But who makes up the entity known to us, the layman, the people with no power, as "them?" It is fairly simple. It is anyone who controls us. It is the supervisor, the politicians, the boss, the man, those who tell us what to do, how to do it, and why we should do it. They lie to us, and we accept those lies, say it's "just life," when we fully know that THEY ARE WRONG, and that we must NOT accept it. We know we must rise against those who decieve us, throwing subtle hints, which are not so subtle, and actually control our movements. But we don't rebel against these devils, these demons, these horrid beasts. No, we pander to them, we accept what they say, follow what they tell us to do, see their actions as "right," and look up to them as role models. Ditch them. Screw them, for we should not care about them. What's the point of control? We're gonna live till we're 70, if we're lucky. Be apathetic towards those who control you, but be passionate for your cause, but not for the causes of "them." Don't reproduce. Why contribute to a society that will just corrupt your offspring? Why? "To change that society," you say. You're wrong. Because no one can change us, not one single person, nor a group of people.

Aghh. I got a block. Oh well, I'll continue this later.