Friday, January 5, 2007

Short Story

My fictiony-nonfictiony story. So it goes.

Roaming the streets of the world, i search for an escape. From what? From it all. Dont want drugs, they just increase the chaos, addint to what i want to escape from. I guess i just want to escape from the society that has left me decrepit and poor. I want to escape that which has made me realize that we, as humans in this society, are merely pandering to those who control us. But we cannot let "them" control us. But who makes up the entity known to us, the layman, the people with no power, as "them?" It is fairly simple. It is anyone who controls us. It is the supervisor, the politicians, the boss, the man, those who tell us what to do, how to do it, and why we should do it. They lie to us, and we accept those lies, say it's "just life," when we fully know that THEY ARE WRONG, and that we must NOT accept it. We know we must rise against those who decieve us, throwing subtle hints, which are not so subtle, and actually control our movements. But we don't rebel against these devils, these demons, these horrid beasts. No, we pander to them, we accept what they say, follow what they tell us to do, see their actions as "right," and look up to them as role models. Ditch them. Screw them, for we should not care about them. What's the point of control? We're gonna live till we're 70, if we're lucky. Be apathetic towards those who control you, but be passionate for your cause, but not for the causes of "them." Don't reproduce. Why contribute to a society that will just corrupt your offspring? Why? "To change that society," you say. You're wrong. Because no one can change us, not one single person, nor a group of people.

Aghh. I got a block. Oh well, I'll continue this later.

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